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Tummy Time Water Mat for babies

Tummy Time Water Mat for babies

Water mat for babies offering a world of entertainment.
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  • Dims: 26" Long X 20" Wide (66cm X 50cm)
  • Adult supervision; Ages 3months+
  • Leak Proof and easy set up
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Babies simply love it

The most exciting thing about the Tummy Time Water Mat is that babies simply love it! That means more time on the mat and more time exercising those little baby muscles!
NO MORE TEARS whilst on their tummy, this is a time to explore the aquatic world right in your living room, garden, wherever or whenever!

Accelerate physical development, achieve milestones and avoid dangerous conditions

The water mat becomes an essential tool for the development of neck, back and shoulder muscles. It helps avoid early motor delays and conditions such as flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly) and twisted neck (torticollis).

Motor and social skills

Enhance hand - eye coordination, motor skills and social interactions.

Promote intelligence, visual and brain stimulation.

Visual Development, brain development, colour perception and intelligence. Stunning graphics with exquisite attention to detail promote visual development, brain stimulation and intelligence development.

Customer Reviews

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Sterling Roberts

Excellent product, as it is in the description, recommended

Asha Konopelski

A cute girl

Saige Beer

Arrive earlier than scheduled

Shayne Deckow

As described, good product

Kristian Herman

Good product